Fall League Important Information

    Hello Everyone.  The 2014 Fall Racquetball League will begin on Wednesday, September 10, 2013.  The entire League including roster, schedule and scoring will be computerized and you can access your schedule via your computer or smart phone. 

    Slightly different rules with regard to scoring.  You must enter your scores online by clicking on the "Current Schedule" and then clicking on your name.  Your email address is your password.  When you enter your scores, you will notice that the system automatically adds a point to your score......that is, if you enter 2 for your score and 1 for your opponent, it shows up as 3 for you and 2 for your opponent.  The reason for this is that starting this season you will earn a point for playing your match, so even if you lose all three games you still get a point for playing the match.

    Please feel free to contact me via email or phone with any questions you may have.

    508-885-6838 (home), bnicho1119@aol.com (email) or 774-239-1010 (cell). 

    You cannot alter any information on the web site.  If you find errors or mistakes, please contact me.