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Play Racquetball!

Want to play and meet new racquetball players?    Join a league.   Put your name on the waiting list at the front desk and a league coordinator will call you.   There are 3 leagues a year (Winter, Summer, Fall)Beginners and Intermediate players needed

COURT RESERVATIONS     Reminder -  court reservations can be made 3 days in advance

The spring league starts the week of April 3rd  and April 5th   (Tuesday & Thursday nights) and will run for 9 weeks.


-      The League will comprise of 3 groups of 10 players, the A group which will play on Tuesday nights and the B group which will play on Tuesday night and C group which will play on Thursday night. 

-      Every week there will 6-10 matches per night 3-4 at 5pm, 3-4 at 6:30pm. (I realize we only have 2 courts). Courts are purposely over booked in order to alleviate open court time from reschedules. If all 4 matches show up first courts will go to first pair to arrive. (REMEMBER TO TRY AND ARRIVE EARLY SO WE CAN KEEP MATCHES ON COURT)    

-      Winners will be responsible for signing on and entering the scores of the games.

-      At the end of the season the Bottom player from the A, B , and C league Dropped and top Player from the B and C league will advance up the ladder for the next season. (So play hard!) 

Contact Kyle Betar or Todd Betar
Mobile or text: 321-482-1803 or 321-794-6010
Email: Kyle_Betar@yahoo.com